18.01.2012 Limpie recovers

A jumping champion and two or three daredevils
Every girl's dream: being surrounded by four nice males. Sure, these ducklings are only siblings.
But they are really nice to each other. At least most the time.
The news could not be better: Limpie has recovered and is walking much better than four days ago.
The limping has not disappeared completely but nearly.
And no-one is missing. There are still eleven ducklings.
I test how brave the paradise ducks are (usually they keep a bigger distance than mallards and
grey ducks) and put food on my hand. The mother duck and two or three ducklings come and take
the bread pieces from my hand, the others prefer to have it served indirectly. They all come very
close to me but would just not dare to feed from the hand.
One male duckling demonstrates the funniest behaviour. Every time I throw bread pieces to the
ground, all but this duckling run to get it. He must just have come back from a flying exercise.
He spreads his wings and jumps into the air and then into the middle of the flock. When he lands the
food is gone, of course. But sure, Jumpy is impressive.
Smallie (in the background), still patchy, and a female.

Chatty young duck ladies.

A male beauty.

The flock stays together but behaviour is getting more and more individual.
Brother and sister swimming.
Some curious ducklings really love to be photographed.
The difference in size between males and females is not huge yet.
Aerial shot of mother duck and some of her offspring waddling in circles.