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Watercolour Paintings

Watercolour Gallery
New Zealand Favourites

Pohutukawa Coast

Tairua and Pauanui, Coromandel (seen from Paku Hill)


Mt. Ruapehu smoking over The Chateau


On the way to the East Cape


Impressions from Italy
The gondolas of Venice


Rome, St. Angel Castle and Angel  Bridge (Castel-Sant'Angelo, Ponte Sant'Angelo)


Rome, Angel Bridge and St. Peter's


Memories from home
(on the top are remains of the main castle of the Staufer emperors, in the south of Germany, near a town named Goeppingen)


(near Ulm, Germany)


(farms near a little place called Boehmenkirch, near Geislingen/Steige, in the south of Germany)


Other landscapes
Typical Bavarian church spire and rural landscape


Magic river


The quiet after the storm


Southern Summer Sensation


Flowers and other still lives
The Poppies


White Tulips


Poppies of Passion


Flower Power


Before dinner


Currently Sissi is working on other projects and not doing watercolour painting. But we will show you a selection of paintings that she has done in the past. As soon as new paintings are available we will inform you on this website.
If you are interested in one of the paintings on this website please let us know. Most are not for sale but as soon as Sissi will do watercolours again she will be able to do similar paintings. But already be aware that you will never get exactly the same painting.
If you are interested in a signed print (A4 to A3) please let us know, and we will check how much this would cost.