Hand-painted Silk Ties

Everything can be captured on hand-painted silk ties

Sports, landscapes, cities, hobbies - everything can be captured on the hand-painted silk ties. Either you chose from a range of samples and a very similar one will be done for you, or the ties are painted to your ideas. Or you just tell Sissi for which purpose you want a tie and she will create a unique piece of art for you. So the ties are a perfect gift or an marketing item for your product or hobby.

All ties are US$ 70 plus US$ 10 postage and packing

Ties that have already been created on demand are ties for a beard club, a Formula One fanatic, cyclists, boxers, tennis and golf players, the owner of a tea shop, tour operators, teachers, sports writers, etc. Sissi is just working on a range of ties inspired by life in New Zealand. More photos will soon be scanned and posted on this website.


(before the earthquake)

More photos coming up soon.