Translation Services

Emergency service only

Due to a lot of other work and voluntary commitments the translation service is not really offered anymore.

Sissi is not interested in translating manuals or texts full of technical terms, not even if it is about the technology of bicycles she loves to ride. Such a job is too time-consuming and you will not want to pay a premium price for it.

She has also declined a job offer as an interpreter for English/German at the courts. The vocabulary is just too specific, and as court cases can last quite a while, she can't risk losing her flexibility in her journalistic work.

Sissi would surely be helping out if you need someone to translate travel texts and other more journalistic work. But in general Sissi does translations only in cases of emergency.

As a journalist, Sissi knows the power of the written word, and the importance of accurate translations. It is also important that not only the spelling and grammar are correct, but the words flow together in pleasing sentences.

Sissi brings a unique combination of journalism skills with her fluency in several European languages.

She offers translation services between any combination of the following languages:

    • English

    • German

    • Spanish

    • French

Sissi also speaks Portuguese and Italian, but by far not as well as the other four languages. It would be too time-consuming to do professional work in these languages.