Paintings on Silk

Horizontal views in vertical order

Inspired by the city agglomerations on my silk ties on which I had to pile buildings to make them fit on the narrow vertical stretch of fabric I started to paint on large silk scarves, using them as canvasses. Beside that I have painted some scarves - but they are rather expensive because it takes several days to paint them. My most spectacular scarf is a Sri Lankan inspiration with a big decorated elephant in the middle and 20 small elephants along the borders. I will post a photo as soon as I have scanned it.

The size of the paintings vary from 40x40 to 90x90 centimeters.

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Ulm, Germany

(This city on the Danube has the highest church spire in the world - 161,5 meters)

The Best of Greece

Jungle Shack

Modern Variations of Old Masters