NZ calendar 2019

New Zealand dreams for the new year

Within the UK: 16 Euro (GBP 14.20; US$ 18.30; NZ$ 28)

Europe: 17 Euro (GBP 15 ; US$ 19.50; NZ$ 29.70)

Rest of the world: 18 Euro (16 GBP/US$ 20.50; NZ$ 31.50)

Payment is by PayPal (Euro or NZ$) or bank transfer to a German or New Zealand bank account.

If you want to order one or more calendars, please send me an email [no spaces and replace (at) by @]:

sissi (at)

Don't forget to include your address or the address where the calendar should be sent to.

As soon as I receive your email, I will give you the transfer details for your preferred payment option. Once the money is in my account, your calendars will be sent to you from the UK.

Thank you!

Please order now!

The cost (inlcuding standard postage) is:

The format is A4.

I have produced a New Zealand calendar for 2019. It has been printed in the UK and is posted from there.

Cover page and the twelve photos used on the months' sheets of the 2019 calendar.

Format A4

Design of the pages like in the previous years, see below (last year's calendar):