News 2020 - 2021

September 2021: New Google Sites

I was forced to convert my website from Classic Google Sites to New Google Sites. This has changed the order and look of the pages dramatically, and it will take a long time to get the pages back into shape. Therefore the chance of me adding new information will be even more remote than before. Apologies. It wasn't my intention.

Right now I am quite discouraged to add new information to my website, as tidying it up will take a long time but not add any value.

March 2020: In the midst of the Corona virus crisis

As you can see, I have more or less given up on my English page. But due to the recent events, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and me getting into trouble with it, with happy ending though, I want to share some news and stories.

I have written them to make people aware of the fact that New Zealand is NOT the greatest country in the world, that the New Zealand government has done absolutely NOTHING to bring their people home, and that Air New Zealand is NOT the greatest airline in the world, abandoning their customers overseas and doing nothing. It is the only airline that is more or less impossible to reach, unless you try it on social media.

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