14.01.2012 Walking woes

Limpie waddles into the picture

The number of eleven ducklings has remained unchanged but there is a problem:

One female is limping badly. What other name than Limpie could I give her?! Of course,

I give her special treatment ;-) She is reluctant to sit down and prefers to stand.

(On the photo above she is the one in the second row on the right.)

I also note that there are squabbles among the young, not serious but quite a bit of arguing.

It seems as if the females did not have their best day today, they pick on each other frequently,

particularly when they are standing in the water, drinking or preening. It is nothing of concern,

just juveniles growing up and not really aggressive, given how ferociously the parents defend

their territory against intruders.

Limpie's left leg is injured.

Brother and sister having a nap after feeding and swimming.

The weeds just down the riverbank prove to be a great place...

... for standing and feeding.

The females' heads turn white...

... at different speeds.

Smallie is doing well. But I wonder why the white patches do not disappear - or why it does not turn out to be a female...

And the intruders keep on coming.

Sister and brother close but each minding their own business.

The whole family taking a nap.